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The Jonathan Levene Music Scholarship was founded as a Registered Charity in 1991 in memory of Jonathan Levene, a young student from Bushey, England who died in a road accident at the age of 18.

Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to talented music students.

Jonathan loved music and enjoyed playing the violin in his school orchestra and in a band. He would be pleased to know that the Scholarship is helping so many young students to develop their musical abilities. 

Jonathan Levene - Zefunot Culture

Scholarships awarded in 2016: Tom Zalmanov, Nabil Hayeek & Yuli Bress


Ruth Shachter was born in Haifa during the summer of 1962. As a beautiful, almond eyed toddler and child, her musical talent became apparent at a young age when she repeated the songs she learned at kindergarten on a toy piano. Piano playing was central to her life throughout her teens and she excelled at her graduation recital in 1980.

Wanting her obligatory army service to be meaningful, Ruth served in the Golani Brigade during the first Lebanon war - an experience which affected her deeply during her short life.

After her army service, she lived in Holland where she worked as a therapist and utilized her musical skills. Ruth passed away in January 2000. Her smile, her charm, her wisdom, her magical personality brought life and cheer to each and every person she met.

Ruth Shacher

Scholarship awarded in 2015 and 2016: Noa Gaby, Harpist



A Scholarship in loving memory of Shula Gutstein (1927-1988) was donated by her sister Rachel Birman.


Shula and Rachel (formerly Gaster) grew up in Nave Shanan, Haifa in their parental home filled with music.

Ruth Shacher

Scholarship awarded in 2016: Mashi Guslitser, Soprano 

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