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Israeli-German Ensemble
Else Ensemble - Zefunot Culture

Zefunot Culture supported and introduced the Else Ensemble to its audience as part of the Ensemble's Israel Tour in May 2016.

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The poetess and painter Else Lasker-Schueler was born in Germany in 1869, and died in Israel in 1945.

Her many-sided and colorful personality was the inspiration behind the formation of a unique ensemble, the "Else Ensemble", made up of German and Israeli musicians who with their love for chamber music, and in light of years of mutual studies and music making, aspire to seek and adapt new ways of interpretations. They hope to promote musical ties between Germany and Israel and by doing so to deepen ties of friendship and understanding between the two countries. With this aim in mind, the Ensemble devotes itself to the performance of works which contain elements that lend themselves to the spirit of cultural cooperation by adopting a repertoire of various compositions by German and Jewish composers from the nineteenth century and until the present times.

The ensemble's variety of instruments allows it to form musical groups which are less common in the chamber music literature, leading to a wide and interesting repertoire.

The Ensemble is composed of young musicians claiming prizes from international competitions and performers in leading world orchestras.

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