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Double bassist
Erez Meyhas, double-Bass | Zefunot Culture

Zefunot Culture awarded Erez a scholarship for studies at Yale school of music in 2015.

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Born and raised in Jerusalem, Erez Meyuhass began his double bass studies in 2008 with Mrs. Merav Reuel-Moyal at the "Hassadna" Conservatory in Jerusalem. He studied with Mrs. Merav Reual and  Prof. Michael Klinghoffer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and is currently studying with Prof. Donald Palma at the Yale School of Music.


Erez served in the "Vehadarta" project of the Israel Defence Forces – working with old people with an artistic combination such as music and theater.


Erez received scholarships for excellence from the Conservatory, Veron Foundation (2010), and a scholarship from Tzfunot Culture.

He is a recipient of the America Israel Cultural Foundation scholarships since 2011.

In 2013, he won second place at the David Gritz Strings Competition of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Winner of the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Chamber Music Program for Outstanding Students at the Academy, full tuition (2014)


He  participated in different courses and seminars such as "Music in the Valley" (2010), The Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (2010-11), "Music in Jerusalem" (2013), the Young Symphonic Orchestra Jerusalem-Weimar Project (Assistant Principal 2013), and the Mendi Rodan Jerusalem Academy Symphony Orchestra (Principal).


In addition, he took classes and played in master classes with Dominik Greger (Germany), Duncan McTier (England), and Enrico Fagone (Italy), Stefano Sciascia (Italy).

(January 2017)

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