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Composer / Pianist
Eyal Bat, composer & pianist | Zefunot Culture

Eyal Bat was awarded a scholarship by Zefunot Culture for his musical arrangements.


Eyal Bat is one of the foremost composers of vocal music in Israel. More than 200 of his vocal works and arrangements are performed worldwide by prominent Israeli choirs such as "Moran", "Ha'Efroni", "Bat-Kol", "The Philharmonic Choir" and "The Ramat-Gan Chamber Choir". These works are often included in programs and concerts of major international competitions and festivals such as the Tolosa competition in Spain, the Arnhem competition in Holland and the Abu-Gosh festival in Israel. The celebrated Maestro Gabor Hollerung has conducted Eyal's Ladino arrangements in Tel Aviv.

Eyal has a Master degree in Composition from the Bar-Ilan University. Among his professors were composers Andre Hajdu, Betty Olivero and Gideon Lewensohn. In addition, Eyal is a graduate of the Lewinsky Teachers College, with a major in Musical Education.

Apart from his vocal works, Eyal composed music for chamber ensembles, orchestras and for the theater. A large part of his work is dedicated to children – two such works were performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Chamber Orchestra. 
For many years Eyal has been working as a piano accompanist for several choirs. His playing, along with some of his compositions, were recorded for radio, TV and for CDs. 
Eyal is the recipient of several awards and scholarships. 

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