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Artistic Director and Conductor - Sirenot Vocal Ensemble
Shosh Lagil, Conductor/music director | Zefunot Culture

Zefunot Culture introduced Shosh to its audience and awarded a grant to the Sirenot Ensemble to produce its first CD.


"...With voices like bells, Sirenot Ensemble from Israel, with their conductor Shosh Lagil beautifully executed a contemporary interpretation to Psalm 121, a traditional Yemen women song and a traditional Hassidic song. Their imitation of instruments in "Dimpi Tauri" of Georgian composer Yosef Badanashvilli was received with great joy by the audience..."

Joachim Buch, Kultur am Ort, Germany, May 2008

"...This group combines, on the one hand, the impressive vocal and musical ability of each singer, and on the other, the musical vision and uncompromising professional work by the conductor. In my opinion, this union creates a combination significantly rare on Israel's vocal musical map...."

Yoni Rechter - Composer,

September 2007

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Shosh Lagil is a graduate of the Buchmann Mehta Academy of Music in Tel Aviv. As a singer, she performed with the Musica Nova Ensemble, The Israel Chamber Orchestra, The Israel Opera and the Beer Sheva Symphonette among others.


In 2001, after many years as a vocal coach and choral advisor, she established the all female ensemble “Sirenot”. Ms. Lagil describes the ensemble as a continuously developing and changing artistic body, steeped in and reacting to its surroundings.  The Ensemble strives for the highest performance standards whether the genre be classical, baroque, folk, ethnic, or light music.


Ms. Lagil’s vast experience as a classically trained singer is apparent in her work. Searching for vibrant artistic integrity, she combines theatre, movement, humor, and the sheer joy of singing. The Sirenot pepper their performances with all these ingredients creating a unique and vital experience on stage.


The Zefunot Culture organization sponsored the production of the Sirenot Ensemble’s first disc entitled “ HaYelda Hayuta Raata MaMuta”


During the years since founding the Ensemble, Ms. Lagil has commissioned many works by up-and-coming composers, thus encouraging original composition which in turn contributes greatly to the repertoire of Israeli vocal music.

Among the prizes and recognition Ms. Lagil has received; The Israel Culture Minister’s prize (2011) in memory of Ödön Pártos, for the rendering of a new work commissioned from the composer Josef Bardanashvili and The Rosenblum Prize (2016) - where she was described by the judges as a “multi faceted musician enriching Israeli culture by performance, education and by fostering composers.”

September 2016

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