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The ARTHUR RUBINSTEIN International Music Society
Piano Master Competition 
The Arthur Rubinstein International Music Society | Zefunot Culture

Zefunot Culture provides scholarships for Israeli participants in the International Piano Master Competition. Zefunot Culture also commissioned one of the Israeli compositions for the 2014 Competition.

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The tremendous success of the first three Competitions led, in 1980, to the creation of the Arthur Rubinstein International Music Society. These contests were recognized as having added significantly to the development of Israel’s cultural life and also received worldwide acclaim as an important musical manifestation at the international level.



  • Continue the development of the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition, Tel Aviv

  • Award scholarships to talented pianists selected for entr into the Competition

  • Award a special prize in the name of Arthur Rubinstein

  • Promote the artistic careers of the Competition laureates

  • Issue and distribute our publications, films, video, and CD productions as well as to hold exhibitions & lectures on Rubinstein’s life and art

  • Initiate and organize worldwide “Hommage à Rubinstein” recitals, concerts and international festivals of the great art of the piano

  • Promote the art of the piano worldwide

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