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Musical instruments

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מלגות ופרסים, מתנה, צפונות תרבות


Zefunot Culture has made it its goal to promote, support and encourage excelling young musicians.

During 2023, we have awarded grants, prizes and professional training abroad for young Israeli musicians including:


  • ​Tom Zalmanov - pianist

  • Yair Zadok - pianist

  • Ariel Hanin - pianist

  • Gon Halevi - multidisciplinary artist

  • Sheila Alfasi - pianist

  • Zofia Alphasi - violinist

  • Geffen Alfasi - saxophonist


In 2023, with our support, five talented musicians went abroad for further studies:

​Royal College of Music London
A summer course held in the city of Arad, Romania

  • Dani Dvorkin, pianist

  • Yael Koldovsky, pianist

Morningside Music Bridge Calgary
Summer course held at the New England Conservatory, Boston, USA

  • Roni Erdman, violinist

  • Matan Gore Nelson, pianist


BUTI - Boston University Tanglewood Institute

Summer course held in Lenox Massachusetts, USA

  • Eyal Kalev Getsko, cellist

Prizes and Grants to Israeli musicians within competitions

  • Maria Polishchuk - Zfunot Culture awarded a prize to the outstanding Israeli singer in the international singing competition, Opera Lyric in Jerusalem

  • Yonatan Senik - Zfunot Culture awarded a prize to the outstanding Israeli performer in the 17th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition


Zefunot Culture seizes every opportunity to promote the careers of Israeli musicians abroad.

On our recommendation, the singer Daniela Skorka joined the jazz pianist Guy Mintos at the Morellino Classical Festival in Italy


In March 2024 we are organizing a recital in Vienna for an Israeli musician. Details to follow.



Zefunot Culture continues to provide a warm home for Israeli and international musicians in the Zefunot Home in Tel Aviv.

בית צפונות תרבות  (צילום: עדי אלבז)

Photo by Adi Elbaz

  • Kevin Chen and his father - winner of the 17th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition.

  • Ariel Hanin - the young pianist was staying with his parents.

  • Daniel Chiobanu - who became a member of the household, was hosted this time with his brother Bogdan Chiobanu, the percussionist, and with his pianist friend Andrea Spino.

  • Mihai Cozucro and his wife - the artistic advisor of the Romanian George Anescu Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Zfunot Culture continues to host Gon Halevi's theater group during rehearsals for future original shows. After countless performances of the two projects "Michael, A Temporary Name" and "She", which were presented at the Zfunot Culture home, the group moved on to perform at the Annette Studio and the Zucker Hall in the Culture Hall, Tel Aviv. For ordering tickets:


January 31, 2024 - Wednesday at 7:30pm

Pianist Vitali Pisarenko, winner of the Liszt Competition.
The young Israeli musician who will perform
with him will be announced in the future.

March 8, 2024 - Friday at 11:30am

Pianist Daniel Chiobanu returns to us.
The young Israeli musician who will perform with him will be announced in the future.

May 8, 2024 - Wednesday at 7:30pm

Pianist Kevin Chen, winner of the 17th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition.
The young Israeli musician will be announced in the future.


לוגו מורנינגסייד מוזיק ברידג׳

Morningside Music Bridge
An International summer program for outstanding young musicians

Morningside Music Bridge (MMB) is an international meeting place for young and talented musicians from all over the world. Every summer, about 60 young musicians are selected, out of the hundreds who submitted their applications. Those selected receive full scholarships of approximately $9,700 (including flights) to participate in intensive musical activities for a month in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.



February 4, 2023

Guy Mintos - All That Jazz

Guy Hosts 10-year-old Ariel Hanin

At Beit Ha'am, Hadarim 20, Sde Warburg


June 19, 2022

Daniel Chobano

The magic of the piano and more surprises

The program included works by Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt and more

Zefunot Culture - though small, we make big dreams come true

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