In January 2019, Zefunot Culture in collaboration with Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes, held a workshop led by one of the leading pianists and teachers of our time, Xiaohan Wang.

11 students were chosen to participate in this outstanding workshop.


The students all received a full participation scholarship from Zefunot Culture.

As a senior teacher, Xiaohan presented the participants with techniques of playing and performing that enriched and deepened their musical understanding.

This workshop stemmed from the need to give Israeli students the opportunity to be effectively exposed to developments in the world of music.

We have no doubt that this type of training helps nurture the next generation of pianists in Israel.

We thank Abigail, Idit and the staff of the Felicja Blumental Music Center in Tel Aviv for all their help and cooperation, in creating an optimal learning environment for the workshop's participants.

Xiaohan Wang, renowned pianist and teacher

From the letters sent to us by the Masterclass participants:

  • "The lessons with Xiaohan Wang were very special, encouraging and inspiring. Aside from being an outstanding pianist, his teaching skills are amazing. I felt that I received a tremendous amount of information in a very short time, that significantly improved the piece I had played for him. He worked thoroughly on every phrase until we achieved what he had aspired to. I felt that he had given me many tools for my playing in general. He gave me great inspiration, improved my technical and musical abilities, and sharpened and deepened my listening and approach to music."  (Talmon Pechevsky)

  • "Thanks to the Masterclass my music skills have progressed and I have expanded my horizons."  (Saeed Diab)

  •  "I greatly appreciated the format in which the Masterclass took place, the modesty, the intimacy and the practicality. I have acquired many new tools, both in my approach to the musical piece and to the instrument. The work was thorough, deep and interesting."  Paz Avineri) 

  • "I would like to thank Zefunot Culture for an enriching experience in Xiaohan Wang's Masterclass that exposed me to new methods, knowledge, and gave me great inspiration. It was an honor working with Xiaohan Wang. The exposure to his special musical approach has allowed me to elevate my abilities to a higher level of performance."  (Yali Zaken)

  • "The lessons Xiaohan delivered were helpful and enriching. Through his teaching, Xiaohan managed to delve into the smallest and most delicate details of piano playing as well as to discuss general issues that are important to present to any young musician who aspires to fulfill his professional and artistic abilities. This important opportunity would not have been possible without the scholarship given to the participants, and for this I am very grateful to the Zefunot Culture Association and its donors, that beyond practical economic support, also provide additional educational tools that help build the artistic identity of young musicians."  (Tom Zalmanov)

Masterclass participants:

  • Tom Zalmanov

  • Saeed Diab

  • Mohammad Alsheikh

  • Yali Zaken

  • Talmon Pechevsky

  • Dany Dvorkin

  • Ido Zeev

  • Eden Agranat-Meged

  • Paz Avineri

  • Esty Yoffe

  • Lior Lifshitz

Talmon Pechevsky in Xiaohan's Masterclass  

Zefunot Culture has made it its goal to promote, support and encourage excelling young musicians. Since the beginning of the year we have awarded scholarships to young outstanding musicians:

  • Masha Mershon, violin

  • Tamir Naaman-Pery, cello

  • Eden Agranat-Meged, piano

  • Lior Lifshitz, piano

  • Elias Elias, violin

  • Dany Dvorkin, piano

  • Sara Elkind, harp

  • Yael Beri, harp

  • Tom Shamrakov, violin

  • Maya Zutta, flute

  • Children of the Alfasi family, different instruments

  • 11 young pianists received a full participation scholarship to the 2019 Piano Masterclass with Xiaohan Wang


In January of this year, we were very excited to give the young violinist Masha Mershon a violin donated by Erika Ciesielski‎ and the Vienna Violin & Accessories from Austria. 

The violin was built by her husband, Alfred Ciesielski, according to violin Kluger specifications, model 1955 as built for the Vienna Philharmonic.

Right to left: Erika Ciesielski, Masha Mershon and Ilana Cohen

Since the beginning of the year we have held a number of fundraising events. All profits were dedicated to helping and promoting young Israeli musicians:


A Delightful Saturday with Yeoleum Son

The "A Delightful Saturday" recital with Korean pianist, Yeoleum Son, which took place in January this year at the Luria family home in Sarona, received enthusiastic responses. The audience received a special surprise when Yeoleum invited the world-renowned pianist Xiaohan Wang to play Schubert's Fantasy for four hands. 



Classic & Jazz with Daniel Ciobanu and Omri Mor

In March, The Zefunot Culture Home hosted the Romanian classical pianist, Daniel Ciobanu and the Israeli jazz pianist, Omri Mor, in the "Classic & Jazz" concert. Each pianist played from his own personal repertoire and both closed the event with improvisations in four hands. It was a special and moving event in honor of Dr. Zefaniah Cohen, marking the 23rd anniversary of his passing.



Zefunot's Blossoming Talents

On March 6th, a concert was held at the Levy family home in Sde Warburg. The concert was performed by four outstanding young musicians, winners of the Zefunot Culture Scholarships: Masha Mershon (violin), Tamir Naaman-Pery (cello), Eden Agranat-Meged and Lior Lifshitz (piano). The young musicians moved the audience, performing solos and chamber music.

View video  >>



Kobi Aflalo in Sde Warburg

On June 15th we held our annual summer concert at the home of Rachel and Haim Danon in Sde Warburg. Each year we host one of Israel's outstanding musicians. This year we were honored to host Kobi Aflalo.



Creating Opportunities for Israeli Musicians

This year our association had the privilege of creating opportunities for Israeli musicians, by connecting Israeli artists and international artists:

Daniel Ciobanu, artistic director of the Neamt Music Festival, invited the Israeli jazz pianist, Omri Mor to perform at the festival that will take place in Romania during September 2019. The meeting between the two was initiated by the chairperson of our organization.

Another fruitful collaboration initiated by our chairperson was between the pianist and the artistic director of Morellino Classica Festival, Pietro Bonfilio, who invited the Carmel Quartet to perform at the festival in Tuscany in early July 2019.

Zefunot Culture seizes every opportunity to help elevate the careers of Israeli musicians abroad.
Ciobanu and Mor at the Zefunot Culture Home

Zefunot Culture continues to provide a warm home for Israeli and international musicians in the New Zefunot Home in Tel Aviv. Since the beginning of the year we were happy to host new and longtime friends:







  • World-renowned pianist and teacher from China, Xiaohan Wang

  • Korean pianist, Yeoleum Son

  • Romanian pianist, Daniel Ciobanu

  • 10-year-old pianist from China, Chen Zhengxi and his mother


OCTOBER 25, 2019

Morningside Music Bridge

Morningside Music Bridge (MMB) summer course presentation for conservatory directors, teachers and parents. With the directors of the MMB at the Zefunot Culture Home in Tel Aviv.

MMB website  >>


Pietro Bonfilio


Recital with the Italian pianist Pietro Bonfilio. Additional information will be sent at a later date.

Pietro Bonfilio's website  >>



William Fong Piano Masterclass

Piano Masterclass with the world renowned teacher, William Fong! 

Fong is a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London and Head of the Piano Department at the Purcell School for Young Musicians, one of Europe's leading schools for talented young musicians.


Fong maintains a busy schedule of recitals, master classes, teaching and lecturing both in the UK and abroad, as well as regular commitments to some of the finest international piano summer schools.

We are excited to give Israeli pianists an opportunity to study with one of the world's leading teachers.

William Fong's website >>


Few young Israeli musicians have the ability to create their own web presence in English - an essential tool for any artist wishing international exposure.

Our upgraded site includes personal pages for each recipient with photograph, press quotes, YouTube footage, links to social media and most importantly - an up-to-date biography (supplied by the musician).